3 Reasons you NEED to Take
Stimulants Before you Train

By Team iForce Nutrition

All of us are looking for that extra kick, a special solution, a new idea that will help us improve our results and the overall gym experience NOTICEABLY. There are many ways, and some work very well over a period of time. However, one of the QUICKEST ways to really GET IT GOING is to start using certain stimulants PRIOR TO EXERCISING. Stimulants are popular and widespread. Some do their job better, while others kind of waste your time. To get that extra edge, you need to UNDERSTAND why you should take stimulants before you train, and, most importantly, what specific stimulants are capable of FORCING your central nervous system (CNS) into providing your body with more ENERGY, POWER, and better PERFORMANCE!

Take stimulants before you train and take FULL ADVANTAGE of your 1) energy-increasing hormones, your 2) adrenaline and your 3) VO2 max!.........

Several key stimulants must work together to significantly boost your energy-increasing hormones. Found in Maximize Intense™ and Dexaprine XR™, Acacia Rigidula(98%) extract is the stimulant of choice to give your body abundant energy. Acacia Rigidula(98%) works by activating key synapses of the central nervous system, forcing the body to release a waterfall of energy-increasing hormones/compounds such as, norepinephrine, dopamine, and epinephrine. When the body notices increases in these compounds, it dramatically boosts its energy as each and every cell gets literally supercharged, and starts working faster and more efficiently. By forcing the cells to work faster, we get the feeling of having excess energy, which makes us move faster, think more clearly, and perform significantly better than we could without this influx of hormones. This instantly translates into you being able to last longer in the gym, and having more energy than anyone around!

When our CNS gets cranked up to the max from Acacia Rigidula(98%), our body begins to surge with adrenaline. Adrenaline is one of the most potent compounds found anywhere in nature, and it can quite literally turn you into a real life “Hulk” by giving your muscles more contractile power than they normally have. Contractile muscle power is what determines our strength. This is why you may see someone who is very small muscularly lift immense amount of weight due to their personal muscular contractile power being naturally higher than the average persons. The strength at which our muscles contract directly influences how strong we are, so by flooding our body with adrenaline, we can guarantee a significant strength increase. In addition to making our muscles contract with much greater force than normal, adrenaline also makes the body to convert glycogen into glucose to be burned for instant energy. This increase in cellular energy helps aid our strength by providing the energy needed to keep our muscle contractile strength up as high as possible, for as long as possible.

While increases in energy and strength may be enough to get you excited to power through your workouts with Maximize Intense™ or Dexaprine XR™, these products offer one more incredible benefit not found in any other stimulant based product on the market. Clinically-proven increased athletic performance is the next incredible advantage that these stimulants offer. While most stimulants cause the body to increase blood pressure and ultimately reduce athletic ability, these potent stimulants have actually been shown to decrease blood pressure as well as greatly increase your VO2 max. Decreased blood pressure helps our veins/arteries relax so the maximum amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrients can reach the muscles. By getting more blood, oxygen and nutrients to our muscles, we are better equipped physically to deal with the stresses of intense physical exertion, and perform at our absolute peak for longer periods of time. By increasing our VO2 max, we are forcing your body to work like a turbocharger on a car. A turbocharger works by spinning gears, which in turn build up energy that can be unleashed all at once to provide the car with more power and better performance. Our body works in much the same way. By increasing our VO2 max, we give the body the ability to take in, store, and deliver more oxygen to the muscles resulting in more energy, power, and better performance!

By including either Maximize Intense™ or Dexaprine XR™ in your arsenal and using them before you work out, you will be able to take your body to completely new heights! Simply put, there is no way to increase your strength, energy, or performance as quickly as with these potent CNS stimulators! Try these products and get abundant energy, lift more weight than you ever have before, and surprise yourself with true improvements in performance with even the very first dose!

Stop settling for mediocre gains, and start forcing your body into results!



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